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What is Colic? - Crying - colic baby, zdravko colic, infant colic
By Super Admin
Published on 12/5/2006
Characterized by incessant crying.

What is Colic?

Here are some key facts about colic:

Colicky babies have a healthy sucking reflex and a good appetite and are otherwise healthy and growing well. Sick babies may appear colicky but won't feed well and won't have the same strong sucking reflex.

Colicky babies like to be cuddled and handled. Sick babies appear uncomfortable when they are handled and are difficult to console.

Colicky babies may spit up from time to time, but if your baby is actually vomiting and/or losing weight, call the doctor. Vomiting repeatedly is not a sign of colic.

Colicky babies typically have normal stools. If your baby is difficult to console and has diarrhea or blood in the stool, call your doctor.

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