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What is Dredging? - dredging gold, company dredging, dredging equipment
By Super Admin
Published on 12/5/2006
Removal of mud from the bottom of water bodies.

What is Dredging?

Dredging is miscellaneous excavation-type work or operation usually carried out underwater, in shallow sea or fresh water area.

Dredging is the most efficient means of recreational prospecting. Dredging is the use of a suction dredge to "vacuum" gravels off the bottom of a creek.

Consider a dredge as a sluice box either mounted on a 4-legged stand or mounted on floats. the sluice box is held by the stand or floats at the proper angle, just like it is when sluicing or high banking. Gravels enter at the top of the sluice box. An engine pump combination is either mounted on the floats with the sluice box, or placed on the shore.

High pressure water from the pump travels through a hose to a "jet tube" or a "power jet nozzle." Either way, a suction is created in the suction hose because of the venturi principle. The suction developed is sufficient to suck-up gravels, rocks, and gold!

The suction hose travels up to the sluice box, where the gravels will travel through the sluice box in the same manner as a typical sluice box or the high banker.

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