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What is WiFi? - Wireless Fidelity - free wifi, wifi antenna, wifi hotspots
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What is WiFi?

It refers to a local area network which uses high frequency radio signals to send and receive data over short distances (approx. 200 feet).

Wi-fi is also written as wifi, WiFI or even WIFI.

Wi-Fi is also the trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the trade organization that defines the Wi-Fi standards.

Wi-Fi or wireless is used to refer to communicating without cords or cables. It mainly refers to using radio frequencies and/or infrared waves.

Hot spots are areas with Wi-Fi service and are either accessed for free or for a fee. It is possible to purchase access using a metered system or passes good for a certain time frame, such as day, week or month. There may be metered access or with a pass for, for example, a day, month or year. Access can be for a complete chain of locations or just one hot spot.
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